This is a collecton of Real Audio files of some of my favorite records. As it happens, almost all of my favorite records
are scratchy old 78rpm, ten inch diameter, heavy shellac things which lose virtually no sound quality by being compressed as *.ra files.
I am seriously considering eventually converting all of my 78's to RealAudio. By doing so, I believe that my whole collection could fit
on three or four CD-ROMs

If you need a player for RealAudio, I have placed a link at the bottom of the page, however, the lates version of the Windows media player ought to play them also.

High Society, a classic march which became a jazz standard

Downhome Rag, as performed by the redoubtable Six Brown Brothers

The only known recording by the Mohan Tagore Dakshana orchestra

A Philipino banduria orchestra

Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman, A Chinese patriotic march. One of my favorite tunes.

A rare cylinder recording of the legendary Buddy Bolden playing a traditional march.

Adrian Rolini plays Davenport Blues by the legendary Bix Beiderbeck

The Police band of Mexico City now favors us with the Felix Diaz March

The Six brown Brothers return with Smiles and Chuckles

A terrific Hawaiian march

The Ossman /Dudley trio now favors us with the celebrated St. Louis Tickle. A 1906 recording.

An early Hawaiian speciality

Institute for Parallel Studies