Quality paperbacks with the kind of stuff you don't read every day!

COMING SOON! Bunnies and other awful things . Eleven fantasy stories by Seth Kallen Deitch. Elusive monotremes, the captured soul of Thomas Edison, superheroes, Aviators of Tomorrow, The wonderful land of OZ and More! 196 pages. $10, shipping included.

NOW AVAILABLE! APOCRYPHA. Eleven more fantastic tales from Seth Kallen Deitch. Meat golems, talking monkeys, parallel universes, high adventure beneath the surface of Barsoom and much, much more! 236 pages. $10, shipping included.

NOW AVAILABLE! The Billion Year Window. A tiny epic! A story of more than a billion years in about sixty pages! Plus Adrift, stoned out adventures in the wacky 70's! SPECIAL BONUS-CAVEMEN FROM THE MOON! 242 pages, full color illustrations. $15, shipping included.

NOW AVAILABLE! DR. AHMED FISHMONGER: WORKS OF A NONEXISTENT ENIGMATICIAN. 240 pages worth of selected works by the perplexing Dr. Fishmonger, many in vivid full color! No words, just pictures, lots of 'em! Large trade paperback printed on high quality coated stock. Seriously folks, you just don't see weirdness like this everyday. You could not possibly die happy having never owned this volume! $25, postage is on me!

Other titles are in the works. Sorry, check or money order only. I cannot take Paypal or credit cards yet. Email me for details